Manage all your conversations in one place with Primary Workspace
We've made it easier than ever to keep all of your conversations organized with our Primary Workspace feature. All of your conversations will now be automatically routed to your primary workspace, ensuring that you have a single, central location to manage all of your communication. Plus, you can only have one primary workspace, which will always be opened by default when you log in to the app.
For those who already have multiple workspaces, we've taken care of the hard work for you! We've set your paid workspace as your primary workspace by default, but if you prefer to change this, simply go to your workspace settings and select the workspace you'd like to designate as your primary. With Primary Workspace, you can streamline your workflow and stay on top of all of your conversations, so you can focus on what really matters.
Introducing for Your Zoom Calls
Introducing the latest integration of for Zoom! With our 14-day trial re-activated, you can experience it yourself.
To get started, simply head to
and select
. From there, turn on Zoom and let take care of the rest. Our Zoom bot will automatically scan your calendar for Zoom events and join them.
We're still in beta, so we welcome any feedback you may have to make our service even better. With for Zoom, you can sit back, relax, and let us do the note-taking.
Revamped Conversational Page
Web application
The new layout of our Conversational page makes it even easier for you to get the most out of your meetings and our features. If you're feeling lost, no worries, just watch our 2-min demo to see how it's done.
Introducing ChatGPT-Powered Technology to Simplify Your Post-Meeting Workflow
Analyzing call recordings and extracting valuable insights can be a challenging task, but with's ChatGPT-powered technology, you can simplify your call management process. Now, you can use AI summarization to extract critical information, such as action items, tasks, summarization, and decisions made during the call, and present them in an easy-to-read format.
With ChatGPT-powered technology, you can streamline your post-meeting workflow, improve your productivity, and save time.'s AI-powered summaries and action items feature enable you to extract vital information from meeting transcripts, prioritize tasks, and delegate responsibilities, freeing up more time to focus on what really matters.
Maximizing Your Meeting Productivity with AI Summarization
Meetings are an essential part of any organization, but taking notes, recording action items, and summarizing discussions can be a time-consuming task. AI technology allows getting a concise summary of the meetings, eliminating the need to spend hours taking notes or reading through the meeting transcript.
AI summarization can extract the most critical points and action items discussed in the meeting and present them in a clear, easy-to-read format. With seamless integration into the workflow, it is simple to focus on what matters most - taking action on the insights gained from the meeting.
Enhancing Your Post-Meeting Efficiency with Drafted Follow-ups
Following up after a meeting is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. However, manually sending follow-up emails, making notes, and assigning tasks can be time-consuming and error-prone.
Drafted Follow-up is a productivity feature that simplifies your post-meeting workflow. It integrates seamlessly with your email, enabling you to send meeting minutes in seconds without ever leaving the platform. It is no longer necessary to manually send notes or worry about timestamping and labeling speakers.